Sample GAALOPScripts: Compute center of 4-Points Sphere (CGA) Three spheres (CGA) Triangle interpolation (PGA) One Qubit Not operation (QuBit) Two Qubits Not operation (QuBit)
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//creating the CGA points; ?x1=createPoint(a1,a2,a3); x2=createPoint(b1,b2,b3); x3=createPoint(c1,c2,c3); // creating the spheres; ?S1=x1-0.5*(d14*d14)*einf; ?S2=x2-0.5*(d24*d24)*einf; ?S3=x3-0.5*(d34*d34)*einf; // The PointPair in the intersection; ?PP4=S1^S2^S3; ?DualPP4=*PP4; // Extraction of the two points; ?x4a=-(-sqrt(DualPP4.DualPP4)+DualPP4)/(einf.DualPP4); ?x4b=-(sqrt(DualPP4.DualPP4)+DualPP4)/(einf.DualPP4);
Variable assignments:
a1=0; a2=0; a3=0; b1=0; b2=0.4; b3=0; c1=0; c2=0.45; c3=0.2; d14=0.5; d24=0.4; d34=0.3;
Multivectors to be visualized:
:Blue; :S1; :Red; :S2; :Green; :S3;