Sample GAALOPScripts: Compute center of 4-Points Sphere (CGA) Three spheres (CGA) Triangle interpolation (PGA) One Qubit Not operation (QuBit) Two Qubits Not operation (QuBit)
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P1 = P1x*e1 + P1y*e2 + P1z*e3 + P1i*einf +e0; P2 = P2x*e1 + P2y*e2 + P2z*e3 + P2i*einf +e0; P3 = P3x*e1 + P3y*e2 + P3z*e3 + P3i*einf +e0; P4 = P4x*e1 + P4y*e2 + P4z*e3 + P4i*einf +e0; S = P1^P2^P3^P4; //#pragma output C e1 e2 e3 ?C = Normalize(S);
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