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NOT = { // 1: eix 2: eit 3: ei+1x 4: ei+1t 5: r rref1= sqrt(2)/2*(_P(1) + _P(3))*_P(2)*_P(4); rref2= sqrt(2)/2*(_P(2) + _P(4))*_P(1)*_P(3); R = rref1*rref2; R*_P(5)*R } r1 = c0x*e0x + c0t*e0t +c1x*e1x + c1t*e1t; ?rprime1 = NOT(e0x, e0t, e1x, e1t, r1); r2 = c2x*e2x + c2t*e2t +c3x*e3x + c3t*e3t; ?rprime2 = NOT(e2x, e2t, e3x, e3t, r2);
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